Extra Strength 300mg Water Soluble Isolate 1 oz. Unflavored Tincture


Water soluble CBD isolate is a nano-emulsified liquid concentrate that is dispersible in almost any beverage or liquid food. CBD isolates contain no additional cannabinoids or THC.

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Here at The Healing Leaf, we take our CBD—and your health—VERY seriously …

That’s why each and every Healing Leaf product starts with concentrated CBD that’s refined from the world’s finest All-American hemp plants, grown by family farmers who’ve been in the business for generations.

Using our unique Supercritical CO2 Extraction process, the experts in our lab create a truly odorless, flavorless CBD oil that’s THC-FREE and extremely effective.

Before our CBD is ever packaged or mixed into a product, each batch is third-party tested and proven to reach at least 99.8% purity before it’s accepted and processed.

Our trained pharmacists combine the resulting CBD extract with all-natural, organic nutraceuticals to amplify the healing, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties of CBD—fine-tuning each ingredient and measurement for maximum synergy and healing power.

That’s how The Healing Leaf is able to target specific conditions and maximize the potency of each product … mastering The New Science of CBD and delivering results you won’t get anywhere else.

All products contain either “No THC” or .3% THC or Less


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